Herbal and Astrology Consultations

that change lives

Having grown up with a profound appreciation for my mother’s own herbal remedies, and with a educational background in Phytotherapy (Western herbalism),  Rainyday Curiosities’ herbal consultations are a truly unique experience.

Primarily focused on natural remedies for common mental health issues,  our herbal consultations are an inexpensive, customized, and rewarding way to put one’s health first.

With over 20 years of experience in using astrology to confidently steer the course of my life, Rainyday Curiosities is happy to share the gift of astrology with our many clients!

When a client comes to me wanting to know more, an astrology consultation allows me to give them just that!

All of my products are made by hand with a focus on quality herbs and sustainable harvesting. Custom-made tinctures are available during consultations, or can be delivered or picked up locally.

Are you a local business in need of bulk herbal remedies? We are happy to process your special order! 

About Dallas Killian Arrowood

Owner: Rainyday Curiosities

I started believing in plants at an early age. I remember being injured or sick and my mother going into the backyard garden, picking plants and herbs that would heal me physically and mentally. As I got older, and moved on my own, these were the habits I brought with me.  My method was always folk, since that is the way I was taught.  Since graduating from Pacific Rim College and receiving a diploma in Phytotherapy (Western Herbalism), I learned how to correctly make medicine in every form.

My primary focus is working with clients who have mental health issues. This includes mood, anxiety, personality, psychotic, eating, trauma-related or substance abuse disorders.  My past careers entailed extensive experience working within these areas. I bring this knowledge to the table and have developed the patience assisting others along their journey. My focus may be near and dear to me, but I do help with everyday issues that come about, so please contact us today for a life-changing consultation if you are in need.


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