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A powerful herb

Blue Lotus (Nymphea caerulea) is a flower that has thousands of years of history and use across cultures such as the Egyptian, Mayan, Syrian and Thai peoples.

Long known for its powerful medical and therapeutic benefits, including uses as an antioxidant and natural aphrodisiac, the blue lotus flower is an underutilized herbal remedy that still has much to teach us.

Rainyday Curiosities has a wide variety of affordable Blue Lotus products that you are sure to love. We procure our Blue Lotus flowers from a Thai company, Thasai International, that practices sustainable harvesting without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, producing a steady supply of flowers throughout the year.


Blue Lotus Monograph by Dallas Killian Arrowood

Blue Lotus was first introduced to me by a fellow college mate, Rachel Reisinger.  I had never heard of it before and when I came home to look up a monograph on Nymphea caerulea, there was none that I could find.

Being the perpetual student, I decided to do an entire research project on Nymphea caerulea.

If you would like to purchase this nine page monograph filled with useful information for herbalist and layman, alike, please fill out the form below. The cost of the Blue Lotus monograph is $20.

Blue Lotus Product Gallery

Blue Lotus Product Gallery

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You’re in luck! I am always striving to improve and innovate my selection of herbal products. Here is a list of some products coming up on the horizon. I know you will love them.