Western Herbal Medicine Clinic

I care deeply about the unhoused population because of the personal experiences that shaped my perspective. While working in a community-related position, I was initially tasked with “moving the unhoused along,” but instead, I chose to engage with them compassionately and listen to their stories. This decision opened my eyes to the underlying issues they faced, and I realized that many of them were victims of unfortunate circumstances and struggles like addiction and poverty.

Seeing the potential for positive change, I took it upon myself to help those in need by assisting individuals in accessing rehab programs and finding housing for several others. These experiences showed me the power of empathy and practical support in transforming lives.

Upon moving to Victoria, I knew I wanted to work with this group of people, but in what capacity? As a Western Herbalist, I decided to take on the cause once again, this time by partnering with a Community Centre for the Unhoused and Impoverished. By combining my herbalist experience with my passion for social change, we aspire to offer holistic support to the unhoused community, addressing their physical and emotional needs to help them regain stability and dignity.

My dedication to the unhoused population is fueled by a desire to create meaningful and lasting change, one individual at a time. Through my actions and collaboration with the community center, we hope to make a positive impact and contribute to the collective effort.

Dallas Killian Arrowood in front of Western Herbal Medicine Clinic

About the Clinic

We are proud to announce the successful opening of our clinic, a dedicated facility for providing essential healthcare services to impoverished and unhoused individuals in our community. This milestone marks the realization of a long-held passion to create a positive impact and offer crucial support to those in dire need.

Thanks to the generosity and support of our community, we have effectively met our initial start-up costs. This achievement has enabled us to lay a strong foundation for delivering comprehensive care and resources to our clients, making a significant difference in their lives.

Our journey continues as we focus on sustainability and growth. A key aspect of this next phase involves nurturing future healthcare professionals. We are providing opportunities for students from Pacific Rim College to engage as independent consultants, contributing not only to their personal and professional development but also to the financial stability of our clinic.

Your ongoing support remains as important as ever. Contributions, both monetary and in-kind, are essential in helping us expand our reach and enhance our services. Your involvement directly impacts the wellbeing of those we serve, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

Thank you for joining us in this vital and transformative endeavor. Together, we are not just operating a clinic; we are cultivating a community of compassion, care, and hope.

How to help

If you wish to become an Independent Student Practitioner at the Clinic, please enroll at Pacific Rim College in the Phytotherapy Program.

To make appointments for the Western Herbal Medicine Clinic and for location information, please visit here.

To make cash donations please go to Cool Aid and specify the Western Herbal Medicine Clinic by downloading and printing the form. 

Donations of supplies, herbs, tinctures, etc. can be made directly to DKillianArrowood@gmail.com.