Astrology Consultations

The power of Astrology

Astrology has interested and excited me since I was young. I have used it for over 20 years to help me figure out my next course of action.  My interest peaked when I started seeing similarities in people who were born around the same time as I.

If I was off the mark, I would do their chart to see that their rising, sun and moon placements affect their way of thinking, communicating, healing, and more.

With time, and total adherence to the craft of Astrology, my readings became more accurate, and close companions began asking me to share my gift with others.  Thus, Rainyday Curiosities’ Astrology Consultations was born.

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While powerful in its own right, astrology can be used in conjunction with my herbal consultations to help me ascertain the cause of the dis-ease, how long the client has been sick, and whether it is acute or chronic. This, in turn, can help me to formulate their need.

When a client comes to me they want to know more. Astrology allows me to give them just that!

Astrology workshops, classes and courses

I am available to come to your location in Victoria, British Columbia, and some parts of Saanich Neighnorhood and teach you Astrology by your topic of choice. For instance, let’s say you understand Astrology, but are having trouble with transits, or degrees. I will teach you just that portion to help you get a better understanding.  Please contact me for fees. 

Benefits of an Astrology consultation

The benefits of astrology are practically limitless, so it is no wonder the practice has survived for over 2,000 years. Rainyday Curiosities approach astrology consultations with a client-first approach. Here are some of the many positive benefits our clients noted:

Astrology Experiences

For an accurate astrological experience it is important to know your date of birth, place of birth and the exact time of birth.