Herbal Consultations

The importance of herbal healing

I started believing in plants at an early age. I remember being injured or sick and my mother going into the backyard garden, and picking some type of plant that I’d end up drinking or wearing. All I knew is that they made me feel better.

Since then, I graduated with a degree in Phytotherapy (Western herbalism), mastered medicine making in various forms, and shared my knowledge and remedies with clients seeking refuge from illnesses both physical and mental.

Why choose us?

Rainyday Curiosities utilizes decades of herbal knowledge to ensure our clients are able to heal. Specializing in clients with mental health issues (but always happy to help with everyday problems as well), I approach each client with patience and respect.  My focus is on depression, stress, OCD behaviors (i.e. hoarding), anxiety, and emotional traumas. 

During a consultation, we will discuss your Mind, Body and Spirit. What is causing your concern and what can be done to help you achieve your goals?  We will discuss your diet, lifestyle, and address any concerns regarding your nervous system.


After speaking with a client to discover the nature of their issues, I determine whether a tincture, capsule, tea, salve, oil, flower essence, or incense can be used to alleviate dis-ease. All herbal remedies and other items are custom-made and all-natural, and a sliding scale is available for low income clients.

Benefits of herbal treatments

Herbal remedies have played a significant role in shaping modern medicine and still have many benefits compared to their modern counterparts. No wonder herbs have been used for over thousands of years to treat physical, mental, and emotional issues that many still suffer from today!

Here are some primary benefits of herbal treatments:

Herbal Consultations

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Herbal Dispensary

Applicable taxes will be added to listed price during purchase.

  • Tinctures 0.21 cents per ml
  • Teas, Capsules, Oils, Salves, Powders, Incense, Other Blends Cost depends on herb

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